I am a borderline BabyBoomer/Gen X’er who has been creating for as long as I can remember. I have explored: sewing, jewelry making, rubber stamp art, spinning yarn, knitting, photography, theater, hoop dance, videography, scrap booking. Due to a diagnosis and surgery for bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome in 2013, I’ve focused on photography and mixed media art. In late 2016, my hands were able to handle some sewing and sculpting with Creative Paperclay so I’ve added art dolls to my mixed media repertoire.

Tenukihandcrafts was coined by my supportive partner, Bill. Tenuki is a term from the game of go that means “to take the initiative and play somewhere else.” My art aspires to transport you to imaginary worlds, a little past the real world. Most of my art is whimsical because the world is often unfair. You can give up or find something cheerful in the absurdity of it all. I’ve tried working realistically but it is never as realistic as my Inner Critic wants, so I let her work on something else, like contemplating why my co-workers think I have a Southern accent.

Tenukihandcrafts is headquartered in the Emerald City – Seattle.

Here are some random facts about me:

♥ Happy with Mr. Thompson since the late 1980s

♥Graduated from Central Washington University with a BA in Technical Theatre and (mostly) Minor in Art History

♥ My superpower is the ability to walk into a fabric store and go straight to the most expensive piece of fabric.

♥ I believe you are an artist – you just have to find your medium and your voice.

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