Wolf dreams of a meadow

Hi art friends. I’m putting all the effort into photo manipulation because I am working on a project that merges my photography, mixed media art, and dolls to tell a cyberpunk illustrated story. Today’s post doesn’t have a direct connection to the story. It’s just a way to merge all my artwork into one image.  […]

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Inside my studio

Hi art friends, Today’s post is a peek into my art studio with some of my works in progress, some of my favorite art supplies and my print and scan station. Covered with stuff, as usual. I tweaked all of the photos in digiKam, adjusting the curves and using the Vintage filter. Happy arting!

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WIP – assemblage self portrait

I don’t recall the first time I saw this style of mixed media assemblage art, but I am pretty sure it was in one of the Stampington and Company publications, which I’ve loved since way back in my rubber stamping days. What renewed my interest was Finnabair’s lesson in Life Book 2014, I’ve been enchanted […]

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WIP scalloped assemblage

Hi art friends, The assemblage art continues as I work on incorporating this style into my art.  You may recall from a couple posts ago, that I edited this image in digiKam for use in my digital photo collages. Here is the actual work at the stage where I glued down all the elements and […]

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WIP Party Girl

Hi ho art friends, This gal is my first attempt at creating a Finnabair-style portrait.  And, as with the WIP Mermie painting from the last post, this gal sits around and then I work on her and then she rests. It’s tough being a Party Girl. For this piece, I used a canvas board, Jane […]

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WIP Mermaid painting 1

Hi ho art friends. Today’s post is about a work-in-progress, although I’ve been working on this one for a rather long time.  It’s probably been in progress for over a year, along with 2 other mermie portraits. I like her enough to keep working, but the painting hasn’t come together yet. I thought by posting […]

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Hi ho lovelies. Today’s post is a look back at my first art show. It was 2 years ago this month. My friend Marva invited me to join her in a Krampus-themed show at the Cafe Bedlam. Marva creates terrific hand-drawn and hand-carved Krampus art.  She also created a Krampus costume. A few months earlier, Marva […]

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Ever After WIP

Hi ho lovlies. I had mixed feelings to take Tamara Laporte’s latest live class: Ever After Module 2. I’ve never been particularly interested in fairy tales, at least the Disney version – where women are weak and need rescuing by a man. But I couldn’t resist between the teachers and the deep dive into style development. […]

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