BB: Photo Walk-Feet

Today's Beloved Beginnings prompt featured a foot-oriented self-portrait. It has been rainy this week in Seattle and I delayed my lunch until it was raining so I could walk around campus, hoping to get a puddly kind of shot. I like reflections and they appear routinely in my images. I took this photo with my [...]

BB1: Hand Over Heart

As part of my post-surgery healing process, I'm taking an on-line course from Vivienne McMaster called Beloved Beginnings. It is a 10 day intro course on taking self portraits. I have never really liked having my photo taken, feeling that these images never looked like me. I thought this was a good time to alter [...]


<a href="">Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a> Clearly, I'm not html-savvy enough to figure out how to claim my blog on bloglovin without making a post.  So, here is a photo from one of our trips to Hollyhock, an awesome hippie workshop retreat on Cortez Island, BC.  We've been there 3 times and I have a [...]

She’s found phone apps

I found the Somerset Studio line of publications around 2000, when I  was heavily into rubber stamp art.  I'v picked up and enjoyed nearly every one of their publications. Last month, they had a back issue sale recently, so I picked up several, including a 2012 issue of Digital Studio. I was enchanted by the [...]

Bainbridge Field Trip, Fall 2002

Even though I have 31 years of photographs, I have yet to tackle the mildly terrifying project of scanning my old 35 mm film negatives.  With my  study of photography, I wanted to show where I've been and how much I've improved; however, I don't have a digital version of my oldest 35 mm film photographs. [...]