Foggy parking lot

Hi art friends. Digging into the photo archives once again to continue my digiKam experiments. This is a photo from about 8 years ago. It was a cold, foggy night in our local Costco parking lot. I made a curves adjustment, did a touch of blurring and added the X process filter, dialed down about […]

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Overlooking Union Gap

Hi art friends. In August 2016, I made a road trip to Toppenish to visit mom. We made two road trips that weekend: to the Toppenish Wildlife Refuge and took an unmarked Yakama Nation dirt road from Toppenish to Union Gap. That was a summer of several wild fires in the area: there was one […]

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Hi art friends. I’m digging into the archives for a photo of my Dollshe Husky, Lancaster. I painted Lanc’s face and made the vest.  The tee shirt, eye patch and wig were picked up at one of the local bjd conventions. The background is a ukiyo-E scarf I bought quite a long time ago. The […]

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Still life with flowers

Hi art friends. I have been scheduling my posts several weeks out as part of my on-going plan to make regular posts. I’m actually writing this post in late March when I’m in my full digital photo experimentation mode. The reason I’m posting so far in advance is that May is going to be busy […]

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Inside my studio

Hi art friends, Today’s post is a peek into my art studio with some of my works in progress, some of my favorite art supplies and my print and scan station. Covered with stuff, as usual. I tweaked all of the photos in digiKam, adjusting the curves and using the Vintage filter. Happy arting!

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WIP – assemblage self portrait

I don’t recall the first time I saw this style of mixed media assemblage art, but I am pretty sure it was in one of the Stampington and Company publications, which I’ve loved since way back in my rubber stamping days. What renewed my interest was Finnabair’s lesson in Life Book 2014, I’ve been enchanted […]

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WIP scalloped assemblage

Hi art friends, The assemblage art continues as I work on incorporating this style into my art.  You may recall from a couple posts ago, that I edited this image in digiKam for use in my digital photo collages. Here is the actual work at the stage where I glued down all the elements and […]

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Ello on driftwood

Hi art friends. The Gimp experiments continue.  One of the books Sebastian Michaels recommends in the Photoshop Artistry Grunge class is “Photocraft: creative mixed media and digital approaches to transforming your photographs,” by Susan Tuttle and Christy Hydeck. It’s a terrific book with photography tips, Photoshop recipes, and mixed media projects. Today’s post is one […]

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Life Book Week 7

Hi art friends, The main lesson for Week 7 was with Wyanne Thompson, who works in giant wax paintings. Very cool, but it is not even remotely practical for me to have a large hot table in my studio. This is one of the few lessons where I watched all the videos because Wyanne’s work […]

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Hi art friends. I’m still processing the Sebastian Michael’s Photoshop Artistry Grunge class. I’ve reached the stage where I watch a video; figure out how to do the same moves in Gimp, then incorporate the lesson into several composite images. This is one of the images. The doll is Rose, my Dollmore Youth Eve Lilis […]

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