Mixed Media Stump/Art Doll Tutorial.  This multi-part tutorial shows you how I make my mixed media art doll, using Creative Paperclay, an old magazine, masking tape and all the art and craft supplies I have on hand.  As with all my tutorials, these are suggestions, jumping off points.  I recommend using the art and craft supplies you have on hand.  With one exception: the air drying clay.  I recommend the following clays for these art dolls: Creative Paperclay or LaDoll Air Dry Stone clay.  I started making these stump dolls with Sargent’s SculptIt air dry clay. It is very difficult to: work with and get fine facial details.  It also cracks rather badly.  Creative Paperclay and LaDoll also crack as they dry but both re-activate to varying degrees, which allows you to repair the cracks seamlessly. Both cost between $10-15 for a 1 lb block, which gives me 3-4 of these dolls.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3: 

Stamped Tissue Paper Tutorial. I have created a short video demonstrating how to make stamped tissue paper and what it looks like adhered to watercolor paper with some background elements.

Mixed Media style Goal Page Tutorial. These pages were originally made as part of my Minimalist Mixed Media Planner.

Jumpstart Journal Class pdf handout: Lesson 1: Getting Started with Backgrounds. The class pdf file Jumpstart_Journal_2015_Lesson_1.pdf includes written instructions on the techniques from the class as well as links to Teesha Moore’s youtube videos on making her 16 page journal. I really enjoyed the class and seeing how everyone created their pages. Here are the photos from the class. I have 2 goals for this class: design the rest of the lessons and make video tutorials.20150125_143717 2015-01-25 14.32.16 2015-01-25 14.33.35 2015-01-25 14.36.32

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