I’ve been wanting to offer free art for quite a while.  After all, I give art as gifts to friends and family.  Although my world-weary looking gals fit my mood these days, I am starting my free printables with protest art. I run test prints on my Artisan 1430 printer on glossy photograph paper to make sure these will print nicely.  They will look nice on matte paper but the colors will be subdued.

All files are pdfs set to print as an 8″x10″ print on standard US Letter sized paper, 8.5″x 11″ with a border.

Click the hyperlink below the image to download the pdf. It is set to open in a new tab.

I retain the copyright on all the art on this blog. This post is your permission slip to download and print the images on this page (Printables) only for your own personal use.  You may print them at home or take the file to your local printer.

You may not sell the files or images contained on this blog or pass them off as your own. If you’re savvy enough to save and use the files, all I ask is that you please give me credit for the artwork.  Thank you kindly.


I’ve noticed recently that I’ve been holding my breathe – my knee problems flared up pretty hard lately.  One of the ways to manage chronic pain is to breathe deeply.  Granted, it’s a short-term solution, but it helps.  I drew this meditating girl a while ago and have been contemplating what to do with her.  I’ve been playing around with using my photos along with my art work. The photo is of one of the wind farms in Eastern Washington.  Don’t know which. There were no signs.  Mom and I were in the middle of nowhere.  Not even mile markers.




Dress Like A Woman

It’s only been 2 weeks, but it’s pretty clear there will be plenty of fodder to make protest art.  Two days ago POTUS told us how to dress.  To quote Rex O’Hourlihan the Singin’ Cowboy, “How a person dresses is nobody’s business but his or her own.”  One of my life-long comic book heroines is Wonder Woman.  Strong, beautiful, and fighting for her sisters everywhere. Right on, sister. WW was originally a drawing that I scanned then digitally colored in the Gimp.



My Body, My Choice.  In honor of my sisters protesting around the US on January 21, 2017, I offer this fierce gal. I wrote a blog post about the creation of this gal.