Hi ho friends. There’s a lot going on at Tenuki HQ – the house remodel is very close to finished; half of the admins at work are on vacay, so it’s been a bit like chasing a train downhill; and the Seattle International Film Festival kicked off on Thursday. The Mister and I are seeing […]

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“Spring in the City”

HI ho art friends. I love complex imagery but want to express it without filling a page to the edge so I continue to experiment with layer masks in Gimp. Rather than use a soft round brush for concealing or revealing portions of the image, I have been trying out various brushes I’ve been collecting […]

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Cassie enters the Matrix

Hi ho art friends. Today’s Shadowrun portrait is the 2nd of my 3 Technomancers: Cassie, as she enters the Matrix. This portrait features my photos of Seattle, Lilis Liv/Glorydoll hybrid, a photo from Angicon last year. I also used escrap background canvas 10, chain and watch. The model (Cassie’s Matrix avatar) is Colby Files’ Rissa […]

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Ginger, Street Samurai

Hi ho, art friends. Today’s post is the next in the Shadowrun-inspired portraits: Ginger, the Street Samurai. Girlfriend of Hiro, whom we’ll meet later. Ginger’s portrait features my photos of Ginger (Elfdoll Soah, wearing Doll Hearts Dark Rock Ryan and purple wig), photos of Seattle and clouds; Pixabay photos of the people, and Foxey Squirrel […]

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Kaneda Jones, Technomancer

Hi ho, art friends. I’ve had a visual story in mind for quite some time: a Shadowrun-inspired cyber punk…something. I was a big fan of the novels (and their awesome covers) back in the day. The book covers and role playing game system heavily inspires the world of my story. For a while, I thought […]

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“Beulah’s Fascinator”

Hi ho art friends. The home remodel continues, as does my limitation to create art digitally. I had been working mainly with my digital photographs. Today, I decided to create a work akin to what I would create on an actual canvas or art journal. I was inspired by this video by Vicki Robinson and […]

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What I Use

Hi ho art friends. For today’s post, I am sharing the tools I’m using for my digital art. I’m on a digital art diet right now because the Mister and I are remodeling our home and my studio is in storage. I brought my digital art equipment and tools with me to our very limited […]

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A Narrow Escape

Hi ho art friends. Since my last post, I’ve been working on honing my photomanipulation skills. I recently joined Shift Art group, which offers monthly challenges. The rules are simple: use primarily the provided content to realize the monthly theme. January’s theme: “Visions of the Future.” I used multiple provided elements and one of my […]

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The lesson I’ve been waiting for

Hi ho art friends. I’ve been steadily working through Sebastian Michael’s “Awake” class.  Not rushing through, mind you, because I finally found the class that is bringing my photography into a more artistic realm and making use of my mixed media art. As a member of the private Facebook group, I’ve been enjoying everyone’s art, […]

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