Ginger, Street Samurai

Hi ho, art friends. Today’s post is the next in the Shadowrun-inspired portraits: Ginger, the Street Samurai. Girlfriend of Hiro, whom we’ll meet later. Ginger’s portrait features my photos of Ginger (Elfdoll Soah, wearing Doll Hearts Dark Rock Ryan and purple wig), photos of Seattle and clouds; Pixabay photos of the people, and Foxey Squirrel […]

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Kaneda Jones, Technomancer

Hi ho, art friends. I’ve had a visual story in mind for quite some time: a Shadowrun-inspired cyber punk…something. I was a big fan of the novels (and their awesome covers) back in the day. The book covers and role playing game system heavily inspires the world of my story. For a while, I thought […]

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