Day for Night @ The Refuge

Hi ho, art friends.  Today is my last day of medial leave after my 2nd total knee replacement.  Twelve months of physical therapy and knowing more about the healing process means that I’m recovering much more quickly.  I’m using my cane less and less around the house, but I’m still moving quite slowly.  Let’s not […]

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Foggy parking lot

Hi art friends. Digging into the photo archives once again to continue my digiKam experiments. This is a photo from about 8 years ago. It was a cold, foggy night in our local Costco parking lot. I made a curves adjustment, did a touch of blurring and added the X process filter, dialed down about […]

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Overlooking Union Gap

Hi art friends. In August 2016, I made a road trip to Toppenish to visit mom. We made two road trips that weekend: to the Toppenish Wildlife Refuge and took an unmarked Yakama Nation dirt road from Toppenish to Union Gap. That was a summer of several wild fires in the area: there was one […]

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Hi art friends. I’m digging into the archives for a photo of my Dollshe Husky, Lancaster. I painted Lanc’s face and made the vest.  The tee shirt, eye patch and wig were picked up at one of the local bjd conventions. The background is a ukiyo-E scarf I bought quite a long time ago. The […]

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