Life Book Week 6

Hi ho friends. Life Book Week 6 is a main lesson with Tam.  I love Tam and her videos, but there were 2 hours of video and I had to get my household chores done in preparation for Noir City 2018 the following week, so my time was limited.  I watched her intro video and […]

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Life Book Week 4

Hi ho friends, Life Book Lesson 4’s teacher was Lucy Brydon, another teacher who is new to me. This was a lesson in making a page with experimenting with acrylic paint layers using a  gel plate prints. This was a lesson where I watched the videos. The lesson involved making a number of gel plate […]

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Life Book Week 3

Hi ho, friends. Life Book Week 3’s teacher was Ivy Newport, a new teacher to Life Book.  This was another lesson where I read through the handout and took inspiration from Ivy’s art. I was On this page, I’m still trying to integrate a more assemblage style into the week’s lesson. I really liked using […]

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Life Book Week 2

Hi ho friends, Week 2’s Life Book teacher was Andrea Gomoll.  She’s been a teacher on Life Book before and Ever After.  I love how she works with watercolors, deepening the colors further than I thought possible.  Her technique requires quite a bit of patience to letting layers dry then adding layer after layer of […]

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Photo Manipulation Class

Hi ho friends. I’m a big fan of the Stampington & Co. publications.  Digital Inspirations has been particularly, well, inspirational, but I’ve been having trouble getting my digital collages to manifest the way I see them in my brain. I recently saw an ad somewhere on the Stampington website about Sebastian Michael’s Photoshop Artistry course.  […]

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Zeus’ Women video catalog

Hi ho art friends. I took a webinar recently on how to create videos using PowerPoint. Of course, at home, I operate in an Open Source environment, so it’s taken me some time to figure out how to create these videos using alternative methods and figure out what I would use them for. Which leads […]

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