Hi ho friends.

I skipped Tamara Laporte’s Life Book class for a couple of years.  It’s a great class, but I really needed a break in order to incorporate what I was learning.  However, I am ready for the class and joined in 2018.

As always, Week 1 has multiple lessons and LB 2018 is no exception. I am working my class lessons in my 2018 bullet journal, so my pages are quite small.  This morning it dawned on me that when I have time, in addition to the bujo version of the lesson, I will create a digital version.

You see, I found the open source paint program, Krita recently.  It’s created and maintained by artists and it more intuitive than the Gimp. I thought this would be a good excuse to get to know Krita and get a little extra arting in every week.

Today’s post is the first of the LB2018 digital pieces. It is the 2nd time I’ve used Krita but I like that I was able to keep working on the layers until I liked it. Just as one does on paper. The first lesson is Tam’s Gentle Warm-up and I thought it was ideal because it is a free-form mixed media collage/word for the year and no face.


My word for 2018 is healing – I’m 7 months post knee surgery and a few months to go until the other knee is done, so healing is pretty much job 1 around here.

As for using Krita, it is more intuitive than Gimp and when I got stumped, it was easy to find very short, helpful tutorials. I managed to do something cool (the purple circles at the bottom) but I couldn’t replicate it so I have plenty to learn.  I also picked up an additional brush set – the default set is a bit limited, but not to worry, there are a lot of artists out there who share their brush sets.

If you’re interested in checking out Krita, there are versions for all operating systems and it’s free, so you don’t really have an excuse, huh? I picked up the additional brush set from David Revoy, also for free. David includes good instructions for downloading and importing his brush set into Krita.

What’s new for you in 2018?  Leave me a comment and a link – I’ll stop by and see what you’re up to.

Happy arting!