Art Dolls & So Long 2016

Hi ho lovelies. Can you believe 2016 is nearly over?  I feel a mix of relief and disbelief at the past 12 months. It’s been a pretty good year here at Tenukihandcrafts: my first gallery show was a success; I added prints to my shop; my work was published in a book about women artists […]

Don’t Give In to Brutes

Hi ho lovelies. I had a conversation with a friend last night. For many years, she has drawn a cartoon series that started as a way to relieve boredom at meetings.  People noticed and naturally wanted to see her work. The response was positive and they requested she scan and share her work on their professional […]


Hi ho lovelies. Today’s post is a look back at my first art show. It was 2 years ago this month. My friend Marva invited me to join her in a Krampus-themed show at the Cafe Bedlam. Marva creates terrific hand-drawn and hand-carved Krampus art.  She also created a Krampus costume. A few months earlier, Marva […]