My Hiro

I’ve been brewing a mixed media project that tells a story using my dolls. I’m still working through the details, how do I want it to look, how to incorporate photos and hand drawn art…do I want to do extensive digital photo manipulation, how much of the words need to be visible, etc. I’m starting […]

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Rin & Soah

Hi ho, my lovelies. Looking through my doll photos recently, I found an old favorite.  It’s a sweet photo of two of my smiling dolls: B&G Rin, called Hiro and Elfdoll Smiling Soah, called Ginger. When I first got into the bjd world, I wasn’t very interested in editing a photo to make the dolls […]

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WIP Spacey Digital Art

Hi ho my lovelies, I’ve been mucking about with the GIMP lately and was inspired tonight to use my own photographs to create a spacey landscape.  This is the first draft of an as-yet-unnamed digital work. There is more work to do on it, but it’s a start. For the landscape, I used a photo […]

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