Weeks 26-30

Week 26. Inner Warrior Princess with Andrea Gomoll. I’ve been a tad obsessed with creating a Klimt-inspired Pallas Athena since I took Tam’s Magical Mythical Makings class.  I’ve sketched a number of variations and tried again when this lesson came up. Klimt’s Athena was a bust portrait with her in a helmet. That’s a tad […]

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Ello in the Sun

Hi my lovelies. Today was my monthly massage with Sami, I’m extra spacey afterwards so I usually walk. It was a beautiful, if very warm day so I took my Canon Rebel with wide angle lens and Ellowyne. This is the Canon entry level wide angle lens, which according to the reviews, is perfectly serviceable for it’s price, about […]

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Life Book Weeks 22-25

Hi my lovelies. I can hardly believe that July is nearly over. It’s time for another Life Book 2015 post. It’s been nearly 2 years since I started on this mixed media art journey. I find that I’m copying less and taking inspiration more from the lessons in 2015.  Here are the next 4 pages. […]

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4th of July 2015

It’s been a while since I posted photographs using my beloved Canon Rebel.  Armed with a new wide angle lens, Mr. Thompson and I spent the evening of the 4th of July with our friends Pat & Lisa and a part of other charming folks. It was a lovely, if muggy, evening with good people, […]

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I have been a fan of Kelly Rae Roberts’ mixed media art for a while. Last week, in honor of her 40th birthday, she offered her Instagram followers a special price for her self-study course, “Hello Soul, Hello Mixed Media.” Naturally, I couldn’t pass that up. This is a rather long post because I share […]

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Brick Facade and Tennyson

I mucked around with this photo quite a bit tonight, just for fun.  Not quite what I wanted but I had to stop. Tennyson is a Dollshe Bernard, Fresh skin, Pure Body. Faceup, wig, and outfit by me. Brick Facade is a Dollshe SA Saint, Oriental skin, Old Hound Body, Faceup and wig by me, […]

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