Life Book 2015 Weeks 10-13

Here are the next batch of pages. Theoretically, March. Week 10 Layers of Your Heart with Tam, featuring the lyrics to Big Audio Dynamite “Push Those Blues Away.” Week 11 Your Inner & Outer World with Jane Davenport. One of my favorite pages. Week 12 was an artist interview, which was good because I spent […]

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Life Book Weeks 5-9

Hi there, beautiful ones. I mentioned in the last post that I started with Lesson 1 of Life Book 2015 and am “catching up.” I know from last year’s experience that I can skip lessons (I skipped 2), some weeks are an artist interview (no art lesson), and there are plenty of what Tam calls […]

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I started a new job, which changed my commute from driving to bus and walk. So I’m starting a new series that I  haven’t thought up a clever name for but I’ll tag as #walktowork Edited with #aviary >

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Life Book Weeks 1-4

As I mentioned in the last post, I signed up for Life Book 2015 after completing Tam’s mini workshop, Summer Girls, near the end of March.  Although it means that I need to do some catching up, I chose to work through the lessons from the beginning.  At the writing of this post, I am just beginning to work […]

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My Summer Girl

Yeah, it’s nearly Spring, but Tam had a sale at her Etsy shop and I ordered 2 classes: Summer Girls and A Christmas Whimsy.  I started with Summer Girls and realized how much I missed the weekly Life Book Lessons.  And signed up for Life Book 2015 as soon as I finished this girl. I […]

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Mermaid Circus Week 8

In order to extend the enjoyment of Mermaid Circus, I left Week 8 until I finished Radiant Faces. First up, La Sirena Gorda.  The background is Distress Stains and she’s drawn with Prisma Pencils and permapaque pens. I’d put a lot of time with chin up faces, that I decided my full-figured gal would be […]

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