Mermaid Circus Week 6

The two lessons for Week 6 of Mermaid Circus is Working Dark and Sea Nymphs! Both of these lessons were done in my large, hard bound journal. Working Dark uses Jane’s Tissue Transfer technique, collage, acrylics, pencils, pens and draws, as you can see, from deep sea creatures, which I love. Many are very odd […]

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Mermaid Circus Week 5 Merman

It looks like it has been a while since I posted on Mermaid Circus so the next few posts will catch you up. Week 5 Lesson 3 was a Merman with Teesha. Her’s was a collage image scanned then printed on fabric. I have only recently picked up a little sewing again. My Merman is […]

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Radiant Faces Part 2 Lesson 9

I’m skipping ahead to the end because I haven’t yet taken a photo of Part 2 Lesson 8. So, here we are, at the last lesson of Radiant Faces. Effy’s take on the Inner Artist.  I loved the Part 1 lesson with Joanne Sharp and loved Effy’s version as well.  This one is on 11 […]

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Radiant Faces Part 2 Lesson 7

Part 2 Lesson 7 is Effy’s take on Jaime Doughterty’s Dreamer.  I really liked the idea of transferring my Part 1 Dreamer onto one of my art journals, so I did. I added some collage that included the 3 places my on-line art teachers reside: Canada for Effy, England for Tamara and Australia for Jane. […]

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