Radiant Faces Part 2 Lesson 6

Lesson 6 is Effy’s take on The Watcher.  Both Effy and Kylie did these as paint over collage using a self-portrait. I’m not a fan of painting over my own face.  As I watched the lesson videos, I liked Effy’s descriptions of what she was trying to convey with her page.  I was in an […]

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Radiant Faces Part 2 Lesson 5

By the writing of this post, I finished Radiant Faces and it only took me an extra 3 months!  Both Radiant Faces and Mermaid Circus had multiple lessons every week, which is why it took me extra time. Anywho, Part 2 Lesson 5 is Effy’s take on Julie Gibbon’s Inner Goddess. Effy’s take on this […]

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Radiant Faces Part 2 Lesson 4

Effy’s take on Girly Girl. At this stage of the class, I’m doing much more sketching before starting to work on each piece. Here are my sketches for Girly Girl. I like the idea of the water-activated Stabilo pencil, but the black is quite stark and can look dirty if you’re not careful. I was […]

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Clever Coffee Packaging

Mr. Tenukihandcrafts joined a monthly coffee club run by a co-worker, Dollarcoffeeaday.  We like good coffee and this was a chance to try small batch blends you can’t pick up at the local supermarket.  We’ve enjoyed some mighty fine coffee but when we got the February batch today, we got a bonus. When Bill saw the […]

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