Radiant Faces Part 2 Lesson 3

Effy’s take on Tam’s Inner Child. Life me, Effy has taken a lot of classes from Tam. However, she does not like NeoColor 2s and says she struggles with them. It didn’t look like a struggle on camera, but you know, everyone has their favorite mediums (medias?). Oh, and although I watched Part 2 Lesson […]

Radiant Faces Part 1 Lesson 8

The Mystic with Effy Wild. Even though I used Effy’s composition, techniques and color scheme, by now, I’m feeling confident with my face style. This is the last class of Part 1 and my third ever lesson with Effy. I really enjoy her teaching style and her attention to detail, what she calls ‘tending,’ which […]

Radiant Faces Part 1 Lesson 6

The Watcher with Jamie Doughtery. This one was quite a stretch: profile on wood using Prisma pencils. I haven’t worked on wood before. And profiles have always been a challenge for me. Julie had a nice way to map the profile and I made several sketches before started on wood. It was a rather slow […]

Radiant Faces Part 1 Lesson 5

Part 1 Lesson 5 of Radiant Faces is with Kylie Fowler and a paint over collage technique. This is a technique I’m familiar with, since Tamara Laporte uses it quite a bit. This was quite a dramatic lesson because Kylie chose to try several new things in this piece. And some of them went wrong. […]