Teesha style page

I’m still experimenting with Teesha’s art journal collage style. This page just kept going. However, I like that I combined collage with text. Also, I am really enjoying my lettering. I love this style and will continue to explore it. There’s something soothing about working these pages. Edited with #aviary > http://avry.co/_getAviary_

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Mixed media doodle

I have to admit that I signed up for this self study class a while back and got sidetracked with the other live classes. Mika Diaz was a Life Book teacher this year and I enjoyed her lesson. But self study classes mean you’re on your own. You can post your work but you may […]

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Just Another Monday

After a not so awesome day at work, I came home and wrote out what bugged me. After dinner, I did a bit of work on Life Book Week 44. After doing the star field background, I had an idea for the journal page. The background was distress stain with Pitt pen journal entry and […]

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Complicated Answers

This page was initially done made in Tam’s Ultimate World of Whimsy but it wasn’t finished.  Truthfully, I didn’t know how. So it sat for the past several months. I have learned a lot in Mermaid Circus but the most important thing is the finishing touches that make a page. I spend my Veterans Day […]

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Whimsical Krampus Handmaiden

My friend Marva invited me to join her upcoming Krampus themed show at Bedlam Coffee next month. Most of my pieces are altered digital photos of Marva in her awesome Krampus costume. I really wanted to include a mixed media art piece. I sketched a few whimsical Krampuses and they were OK. It wasn’t until […]

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Radiant Faces Lesson 3

Lesson 3 of Radiant Faces is with Christy Tomlinson who has what I call a whimsical impressionist style. I tried working the entire piece with her supplies, but it was trickier than I thought. My Girly Girl was done with Stabilo pencil, acrylics, Pitt pens, Collage Pauge, alcohol ink, various papers, Stayzon ink, stamps, stencils, […]

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Radiant Faces Lesson 2 Inner Child

Lesson 2 of Radiant Faces is with Tamara Laporte. This girl is called Inner Child. I love this Blythey-ness of this style of whimsical character. Yup, another ginger. As always, I enjoyed Tam’s lesson. I have not yet worked through Effy’s versions of any of the lessons I’ve done so far. I  don’t know why,  […]

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Life Book Week 43

Life Book Week 43 with Christy Tomlinson. by Tenuki Handcrafts on Flickr. I’m still working on Life Book. I made this page in one of my journals and liked her so much that I decided to make a 9 x 12 version. The first layer of the page is a journal entry about my art […]

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