Hiro in Hailey Meadow

Has it really been 4 years since Heather and I took a road trip to Eagle Rock?!  July 27, 2010 is the date stamp on this photo, so I it must be true. In 2010, Hiro (B&G Rin) was my first Asian ball jointed doll.  Heather took on the driving duties as we went to […]

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Toteful of Handspun Yarn

I haven’t tried spinning since my Crafting Hiatus began in May 2013. My brief foray into knitting a couple months ago put an end to the idea of knitting, let alone spinning. But I like to re-visit my hand-spun yarns every once in a while. Sometimes, I open the storage bin full of handspun yarns and […]

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Coming Soon: Shop TenukiHandcrafts

I opened TenukiHandcrafts in 2007 to sell my handmade goodies at craft fairs, on 1000 Markets (remember them? Didn’t think so), Etsy, and on commission. My goods were handstamped cards, wire-wrapped jewelry, hand knit items and handspun yarn. You may be wondering, why TenukiHandcrafts? Good question. Bill came up with the name because tenuki is a term from the game […]

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Start of Collage

Back at the turn of the 21st Century, I got my drawing fix through rubber stamps. For the most part, my cards followed the card trends at the time. Around 2008, I wanted to expand my stamping to something more arty and I wanted to use images more my own. I went through my art […]

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Express Yourself Lesson 9

Laughing Girl.  I made 2 versions of laughing girl and I think this is the best version.  I spent a few days visiting mom over Mother’s Day weekend and made a few background pages in my class journal.  When I got around to this lesson, I made a collage style background, but didn’t like it for this lesson. Instead, I used one […]

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Mini Class: Quirky Birds

Not only am I an art supply junkie, but, it seems, I am also an on-line class junkie.  Life Book 2014, is rolling along. Last week was a bonus interview week. Thank goodness.  I finished Jane Davenport’s Express Yourself but need to take photos of my final page.  I donated to Tam’s water fund and […]

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