Braid Girl

I don’t have any updated Life Book or Express Yourself pages.  I’m in the middle of Week 12 with Finnabaer. My first attempt was not quite what I wanted but I liked the technique.  I started a new page and like where it’s going but is not ready for sharing just yet.  I didn’t work on Week 13 […]

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LB Week 11 – Trees of Life

This past week was a bonus week with Tam and Gracie.  My initial, art journal, page was trying to incorporate their two styles, but when I sat down to work on it this weekend, I ended up using their basic composition and images. For my page with Tam, I used my usual art supplies: Neocolor […]

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LB Week 10

This week’s technique was paint over collage, a new one for me. I made the collage from photos from Vogue, handmade papers and my trusty Practice Householder vintage magazine. As Tam suggested, I took a photo after finishing the collage. Following Tam’s instructions, I used Neocolor 2s, acrylic paints, colored pencil to redraw the face, […]

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Wardrobe Project

For many years, I’ve had the goal of making my own wardrobe.  This goal has been recently hampered by my bilateral carpal tunnel surgery. It has also been hampered by my lack of discipline to sort out my personal style. That is about to change, thanks to Coletterie (which offers adorbs retro-inspired sewing patterns), I […]

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Double Exposure

I found a phone app called photo blender that, you guessed it, allows you to merge 2 photos. This was my first attempt using  2 of my gals drawn by me for Jane Davenport’s Express Yourself class, edited with Photo Blender, Pixlr-o-matic, and Aviary.  I am enjoying exploring ways to recycle my various creations. Edited […]

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My Second Soft Doll

My first doll of this sort I gave to a carpenter friend to make a chair for my bjds.  I used Hiro to trace a bjd-sized pattern, then made a simple doll, stuffed it, and attached one of my bjd mohair wigs to it.  I wasn’t completely happy with it, but it did the job […]

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