LB Week 4 – Be True to Yourself

This week’s bonus class was taught by Kelly Hornig. I like a lot of the ideas I got from this week’s lesson: using gesso through a stencil, watering down acrylic paints to a wash, and subtle stencilled. It took me all week to complete this week’s piece. I love this tpe of mixed media but […]

I Hope You Dance

I have one themed journal, which started its life back in my direct sales days. It was an affirmation journal, filled with positive quotes, mostly from my O Magazine reading days, my favorite stamps, quotes, and the like. At the time, I glued my magazine pages down with whatever glue stick was handy. Many of […]

Life Book 2014 Week 1

The first week of Life Book 2014 was posted on New Year’s Day, and, as Tamara promised, jam packed with information: a short meditation on the coming year, review of color theory and the front facing portrait, a warm-up exercise, and the assignment. I jumped in and spent all day yesterday on the week’s assignments. […]