Birds Flyin’ High ATC/ACEO

I have tried a couple of ATCs, artist tradin cards, but wanted to try my hand at a mixed media version using the techniques I have been learning lately. The bird is a quirky lil bird I drew for the first lesson of Awesome Art Journal on the composition exercise. I really like that little […]

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I Hope You Dance

I have one themed journal, which started its life back in my direct sales days. It was an affirmation journal, filled with positive quotes, mostly from my O Magazine reading days, my favorite stamps, quotes, and the like. At the time, I glued my magazine pages down with whatever glue stick was handy. Many of […]

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Playing with Layers

I’m still trying to figure out layers and layer masks in the GIMP. A process that is a tad trickier than sticking layers on in the phone/tablet apps I have.  Today’s attempt is a pretty boring photo taken from the loft of a nice foggy day a couple of weekends ago.  Taken with my Rebel. […]

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Life Book Week 2

This is a bonus week with guest artist Micki Wilde of secrethermit.  The bonus week is intended to be a light week after Tam’s first week crammed full of information I made an art journal version and a 9″ x 12″ version, slightly modified to be a bit more dream catcher-y and to add my […]

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A Sad Day in the Neighborhood

The Mister and I scheduled dinner and a movie with our pals Pat & Lisa. Meet up at Sam’s for sushi and then watch Bettie Page Tells All. The only flaw in that plan: Sam’s Sushi closed. We are sad and will have to make a trip to his brother’s Sam’s in Ballard….and hope he’s […]

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Video Editing Project

I haven’t posted much about my hoop dance, but it has been a fun form of exercise for me since March 2012.  Although reluctant at first to do so, I began taping my hoop dance session on my Canon Powershot S50 camera.  It takes 3:30 minutes’ worth of video but the sound quality of icky […]

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Life Book 2014 Week 1

The first week of Life Book 2014 was posted on New Year’s Day, and, as Tamara promised, jam packed with information: a short meditation on the coming year, review of color theory and the front facing portrait, a warm-up exercise, and the assignment. I jumped in and spent all day yesterday on the week’s assignments. […]

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