Geek Athena

This has been a vacation week for me, so I have had plenty of time to work on my goddess. The bulk of the work got me to the point of yesterday’s post but I didn’t know at the time. My main goal was to finish before I go back to work on Monday. I […]

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Work in Progress: Geek Athena

When I signed up for Life Book 2014, I added 1 additional class: Magical Mythical Makings. Goddesses, fairies, and mermaids, oh my. Weeks 1 & 2 cover goddesses, because Tam works on a very large canvas. Two foot by three foot is my guess. The last time I painted large scale was back in my […]

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Tangled Town

I have kept written journals for quite a long time. I have a box full of these, mainly written when someting was troubling me. Mostly work and health related. Pretty tedious or mundane stuff really. I decided to convert one, a Pomaganate African journal, into an art journal. I glued pages together and gessoed some. […]

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Christmas Cactus

Every year at the December admin meeting, the Division Administrator gives everyone a small plant.  Six or seven years ago, we received cacti.  I took mine home and transplanted it into a 4″ terra cotta pot and it hung in there as best it could.  I finally moved it to the window sill in the […]

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Vintage Daisy

Last September, I had a photo day with friends Deborah and Brian, at Deborah’s adorable studio office in the U District. She decorated it herself and wanted Brian to document her work and me to pose in one of my vintage dresses.   I took photos for background shots of what I expect will become […]

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A Sense of Scale

I took nearly 100 photos on the day of the Tatami Room Pair Go shoot last Saturday. The story itself is still percolating, but I had a comment from someone who was at t the Go Center the day of the shoot.  They felt the charm of the shot posted to the AGA website was […]

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