Dollshe Eye Candy

Am I procrastinating working on the Tatami Room photostory or am I just excited about Brick Facade 2.0? Can’t both be true? As mentioned in the last post, the Dollshe Saint and Bernard are sculptural brothers, so I set out to make Brick Facade look like Tennyson’s brother.  Looking at Brick side-by-side, I would say the […]

Brick Facade 2.0

Here is Brick Facade (Dollshe old SA Saint) and his original face-up, along with Ethan (Dollshe Pure Body Bernard). Truthfully, I felt Brick was too pale but, well with my hand issues and getting all sidetracked with photography and drawing, I didn’t think about it again until yesterday.I wanted Brick to be one of the boys […]

Tamami Room Teaser

I spent the day shooting a photostory with four of my crew: Ethan (Dollshe Bernard), Ginger (Elfdoll Soah), Tuesday (Lilis Liv/Glorydoll hybrid), and my Dollshe IM Hound. The photos were shot at the Seattle Go Center tamami room.  Brian brought in his studio lights, so it’s my first shoot with lights.  Thanks, Brian. I learned […]

WoW Week 6 The Final Whimsy

Here is my last Ultimate World of Whimsy mixed media homework. This week was about whimsical animal friends for your whimsy humanoid characters, plus alternative background technique. For this piece, I used: Canson watercolor paper (9×12), Neocolor 2 crayons, Prisma pencils, Sakura Micron and gel pens, Andirondak pigment inks and acrylic dabbers, Golden matte medium, […]

WoW Week 5 – The Color Wheel

My Ultimate World of Whimsy is almost over.  Actually, I finished the class this weekend, but my posting is a little behind. Here is my effort for Week 5, which was primarily about color theory.  There was a useful exercise to create secondary and tertiary color wheels using only primaries – I used my Neocolor […]