BB Final Prompt

Today is the last class of Vivienne McMaster’s Beloved Beginnings e-class. The prompt was Step Into The Frame. I took today ‘s photos with my Canon Powershot S50 and the 10 second timer. I am getting quite good at setting the timer shot up, so it is oossble you will see more self-portraits. When I […]

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BB Self-care

Today’s prompt was self-care. I took a number of different shots and decided rathwr late tonight to use the night portrait mode to capture a moment of mediation. Ok, not proper Zen meditation, but I did comtemplate the mysteries of the timer setting on my Powersot S50. For class, I submitted a nice shot of […]

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BB Gratitude

Today’s prompt was gratitude. It was not too difficult for me to figure out what this picture would be about: my hands. Recovery from bilateral carpal tunnel surgery last month has progressed quickly. Although it is largely due to my surgeon’s skill and the way the surgery is done these days, my contribution to the […]

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BB Silliness

Today’s assignment was using humor to overcome shooting frustrations. Nice timing, since I had more trouble with the Motion assignment than I expected. I took my silliness photos with my phone camera at University Park in the same shooting outing as the Motion assignment. There is a statue in the playground and I have been […]

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BB Motion

When I read yesterday’s assignment of me in motion, I had very specific ideas of images I wanted to create. My thought was it would be easy with my phone camera. With the fall foliage, I wanted to use the front camera and take pictures of myself walking briskly past pretty trees.  But Mr Camera […]

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Art Yarn

During my crafty years, I spun my own yarn.  Got pretty good at it and tried to sell it on Etsy and 1000 Markets.  Over time, I like to think my product photos improved.  However, the items I like to make were not selling, so I closed my shops.  I still have all those product photos. […]

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BB Light

Yesterday’s Beloved Beginnings prompt was Light.  My favorite subject in theater and my own photography.  I appreciate a good lighting designer in film, and use of light is one of the main reasons I love film noir so much. At any rate, I didn’t shoot any photos yesterday, shooting instead today on my walk down […]

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BB Reflections

I have been home with a cold so my daily photo prompt was done in the comfort of my home, in front of our awesome Clash Poster of Sandinista! The prompt was reflection. The light from our living room window hits this posters nicely, so I took many shots before settling on this one. I […]

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BB: Photo Walk-Feet

Today’s Beloved Beginnings prompt featured a foot-oriented self-portrait. It has been rainy this week in Seattle and I delayed my lunch until it was raining so I could walk around campus, hoping to get a puddly kind of shot. I like reflections and they appear routinely in my images. I took this photo with my […]

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BB2: My Hand

Today’s prompt was to taking photos of our hand. A very touchy subject for me, as I have been very focused on my hands lately. Oddly, it doesn’t seem like a self-portrait. Fall is my favorite season, and this year, it has made a sudden appearance. This is a photo of a bug-looking leaf among […]

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