Meet Squid Lady

I am on week 6 of Jane Davenport’s on-line class, Supplies Me. This week is working with pastels and drawing the front torso and turned face. I have a handful of pastels in my stash: a set of 12 Stabilo CarbOthello pastel pencils, 3 Prisma Nupastels, 3 Neocolor 2,  and 2 Stiva paintsticks. I had […]

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What Bo Peep Really Wanted

I am on Week 6 of the Jane Davenport class, Supplies Me, Pastels. I am really getting into creating a whole page. This is new for me as my previous art journals have been magazine pages cut out, glued down then written and/or doodled over. Today, I gave my Stabilo CarbOthello pastel pencils a try. […]

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Action Is…

I’m working on Week 5 of Jane Davenport’s Supplies Me class, which is Pens & Markers with exercises on shading and arms/hands.  I haven’t really worked with markers before and it is very different from colored pencils. Today’s post is about using markers in the arms/hands exercise. I may have mentioned I started this art journey […]

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Blending with Colored Pencils

I am on week 3 of Jane Davenport’s class, Supplies Me. The image on the left was playing around with my watercolor pencils and glittery watercolor pallette. Thelma, that this gal’s name, looked like she had an unfortunate incident with a tanning bed. I set her aside for a couple of days. When it came […]

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Tangled Miso Soup

I merged two photos: one of my tangle tiles and one of the selfies I took during the Beloved Beginnings class. I probably took the tangle pic with my phone camera. The selfies was taken with my phone. I added a filter to the miso photo on pixlromatic, merged the miso and tangle in Picsart, […]

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Supplies Me Watercolor Week

Today is the start of Watercolor Week in the Jane Davenport Supplies Me class. I have Staedtler watercolor pencils, Stabilo CarbOthello pastels which can be used wet or dry, a palette of Yasutomo glittery watercolors, and Tim Holtz Distress Inks in Black Soot and Barn Door. I am using Kuretake water brushes, which I love. […]

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Supplies Me: Week 2

I am loving my current Jane Davenport class, Supplies Me. Week 2 was exploring colored pencils, some face drawing, which I am feeling much more comfortable with. We also dipped our toes into more of the figure  drawing with backs and bottoms. Our final homework assignment is to create a mixed media art journal page […]

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The Tower Guardian

The original photo was taken with my Canon Rebel at the Santa Barbara Go Conrgress 2011, I think it was, at the UC Santa Barbara campus. The trails were accidental and I kept the photo, knowing I would do something with it…someday. That day,or night, came yesterday. I wanted to play around more with the […]

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Supplies Me Lesson 1

My enjoyment of e-classes continues with Jane Davenport’s self-directed workshop, Supplies Me. I really wanted to take the Mermaid Circus workshop with Jane and Teesha Moore, but I have to confess that I gave in to my Inner Critic, feeling my drawing skills were not up to snuff. Baby steps, my friends. Today’s post is […]

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